Zivver Email Server

Platform is down


Our platform experienced an outage during necessary maintenance resulting in the platform going offline. The resolution process took longer than expected due to the complexity of the issue. We have identified preventive measures, including updating and validating scripts, robust change management, enhanced monitoring, and incident response training, to avoid similar incidents in the future.
Measures taken:

  • Regularly update and validate scripts used during maintenance tasks.
  • Change management process will be enhanced to ensure thorough review and documentation.
  • Additional monitoring and alerting mechanisms will be implemented.
  • Regular incident response training for team members is essential.
    We apologise for the disruption caused during necessary maintenance and are committed to improving platform reliability. Thank you for your patience and support.

The Zivver systems are back online, we will follow up with a Post Mortem at the earliest convenience.


The Zivver platform is down. Investigation is ongoing