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Zivver OWA - Potential log-in issues


We’ve just rolled out OWA add-in versions v5.0.17 and v4.2.3 to Production, resolving the login issue with Google Chrome and Firefox. No action is needed on your part —this fix will apply automatically.

Are you still having problems logging in? Just restart your browser, open the Zivver sidebar, and double-check that you’re running the correct version in the bottom left corner. Should any issues persist, don’t hesitate to reach out to

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience throughout this process.

Problem identifisert

We’ve developed a fix for the OWA login issue on Chrome and Firefox. The update is in the final stages of internal testing, and we anticipate rolling it out to our customers later today. No action is needed on your end to benefit from this fix. We’ll keep you posted.


We’ve identified that the issue is linked to a change in how Google Chrome manages variables between two windows. We’re actively working on finding a workaround for this, though it’s too soon for an estimate on its delivery. Only users who aren’t already logged in are affected. Users who are already logged in should be able to continue to use Zivver without interruption.

If you or your users are affected, they can either switch browsers e.g. Microsoft Edge, or use to send secure emails.

Expect another update from us tomorrow. Thanks for your continued patience!


We’ve pinpointed that the login issues with our Zivver OWA add-in seem to have been introduced following a Chrome browser update (Version 116.0.5845.188, released on Monday September 11th).
Our team is still hard at work investigating how this browser change has impacted the add-in. We’ll provide a more detailed update as soon as we have more information, no later than the end of the day.

For now, using a different browser like Microsoft Edge on Windows or Safari on Mac effectively bypasses this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact


Our engineers are still looking into the origin of this issue.

At this moment we can still reproduce the issue on Chrome and Firefox, but not on the Edge browser. If you are experiencing this issue, please try another browser. If you are still not able to log in, please contact

Next update will be before End of Day.


We found out that some customers are experiencing trouble logging into the Zivver OWA Add-in. We are looking into the issue and will give an update on this within 1 hour.

As a workaround, we’ve found that all other browsers besides Chrome do not experience this issue. Please be aware that clearing your cookies might provoke the issue in other browsers as well (confirmed in Firefox).

Please contact if you are experiencing this issue or if you have any other questions.