Zivver Web Interface

Zivver OWA add-in issue with sending


Microsoft has implemented a fix and we have released a new version of our Zivver OWA add-in - restoring functionality as it was.

Customers have confirmed it is operational again after a hard-refresh of the browser (Ctrl+F5 in Chome, Edge & Firefox)

Problem Identified

At this moment, Microsoft is still working on a fix. Our workaround is still in place.

A new update will be given either when the situation changes or if it does not, at 17:00 today.

Problem Identified

Microsoft has confirmed that the incident is caused by them and they are working on a fix. This may take a day or two.
Therefore, we have implemented the following workaround:

Where certain dialogues would previously open in the concept screen, they will now temporarily open in a new tab. This will make the previously misbehaving buttons work again. When Microsoft offers a fix, we will revert to our previous interface.

We will give a new update tomorrow at 12:00

Problem Identified

The incident seems to find its origin in an update from Microsoft, our engineers are looking into possible solutions. The incident has our highest priority.

Possible work-arounds:

  • For a message without attachments: make sure one’s signed into Zivver
  • For a message with attachments: make sure one’s signed into Zivver, open up the side pane during the draft phase and proactively solve security notifications regarding the attachment for example, before sending the email

Changed to incident


Some customers may experience problems when trying to send emails with the Zivver OWA add-in.

We have investigating the issue. Next update in 60 minutes.